New U Hair

Welcome to New U Hair!

Thank you for your decision to join our proven hair management programs.

We believe you have made the correct decision, and we assure you that our entire staff will provide to you safe, professional, and excellent service that will help you to achieve and maintain your health and wellness goals.    

This is our new patient welcome message. You will be getting a detailed document package providing you with everything that needs to happen next including any required documents and how to create an account inn the NewUHair Patient portal. 

In that package there will be several different specific documents with details and instructions regarding each one.

If you have questions at any time or require assistance with any of the documents please contact us directly at 833-824-1119 or by email at or by fax at 727-865-5939 and one of our medical personnel will get right back to you.

Thank you again for joining our program and we look forward to working with you.


The Hair Experts